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We have currently two minibuses leaving Tickled Trout Services at 8.30am on Saturday morning. We also have a van for the equipment to be transported in.

Tickled Trout Services
Preston New Road

Please arrive in plenty of time and because of space and it being a busy service station, please drop and go. We will update the Facebook page with pictures throughout the weekend, but if you need to conatct a member of staff then please call Mike on 07748621533 or 07776498045 anytime.

They are allowed to bring a mobile phone but it is only to be used in an emergency or if a leader needs to contact them. Please do not call them during the weekend as this can cause issues. They will be told to speak to a leader before any phone calls are made to parents. Phones are not under insurance on the trip so please make sure that any breakages or loses are covered.

We will be dropping off at the same place on Monday but will not have a time till Monday but an estimated time would be around 5pm.

All equipment will be taken on Monday, so please bring a couple of binbags, one for their personal kit and one for muddy boots!

The weekend will involve them being remotely supervised, this means that we will be watching and monitoring them but they may not see us. We have two Mountain leaders, one Lowland leader and two other volunteers who are experienced walkers.

We will be staying at two different campsites and one is more basic than the other. If they wish to use a shower, there is usually a cost of 50p or £1 so include a couple.


Group Equipment (which we can supply)

Tents, Trangia, gas, rollmats, rucksacks. Any damage to equipment or loss of items will have to be replaced by the team using it.

Personal kit, equipment

Waterproof clothing, personal first aid kit, emergency rations, suitable clothing, socks, underwear etc. Wash kit, snacks, water, matches/lighter, notepad and pen and a torch.

Meals required

Saturday lunch, Saturday evening meal, Sunday Breakfast, Sunday Lunch, Sunday evening meal, Monday breakfast, Monday Lunch.

Pot noodles are not a valid evening meal. The meal should replace the energy used throughout the day. They can cook these meals independently or as part of a group.

On the practice expedition, the campsite and their campsite etiquette was not great. They should not leave food outside the tents, trangias should be cleaned and put away after use, tent flaps should not be used as a mat, boots should not be used inside the tents, rubbish should not be left lying around. Food should be disposed of appropriately, not throw into bushes.

This is an assessed expedition, so they need to make sure that they work as a team to pass.

Yes you can fail!


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  1. McGrath // 3rd May 2018 at 10:18 am //

    We won’t be coming tonight as we were there last week. Will see you at minbus and need to sort out tent poles then as wrong ones in the tent we got last week.
    Parent of Lucy McGrath

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