Silver practice expedition July 14th – 16th 2017

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 4 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

Parents need to drop off the young people at Beacon Fell Country Park car park (Beacon Fell Country Park, Beacon Fell Road, PR3 2NL ) for 5pm on Friday 14th July 2017. Parents collect young people from same car park between 3 and 5pm on Sunday 16th, we will call when the groups are two hours away to allow you to travel.

They will be staying at Waddecar Scout Campsite for both nights. They will need food for Friday evening meal, Saturday breakfast, lunch and evening meal and Sunday breakfast and lunch. They will need water bottles but can refill them so don’t weigh them down. 1.5 litres is plenty. They can have snacks but nothing fizzy or spicy as this can upset stomachs.

Equipment will be handed out on Wednesday after school or Thursday during session, but collecting after school means they can be packed ready for Friday.

They need to bring waterproof clothing, change of clothes and underwear. They need a hat and gloves.Spare socks, personal first aid kit, notepad and pen/pencil, cutlery, plate/bowl/cup, torch and spare batteries (put batteries in wrong way so it cannot be turned on).

They will need boots, but if they suffer with blisters place blister plasters on before they walk, this will help. They require emergency rations (something like Kendal mint cake etc).

They will require a sleeping bag.

Kit list is here but they do not need everything. Do they all need to bring toothpaste, soap, etc. Can they share meals? Sharing helps make the load lighter!!

They can bring a mobile phone but it is not on our insurance. They are not allowed to phone home or use social media. The phone can be used for photography or filming or to call a leader in an emergency.

The base contact for the trip is Brian King and if you need to contact anyone during the trip please contact him on 07765432658.

We will endeavour to update the Facebook page

We need to see as many Silver on Wednesday (3.15-5.00) and Thursday (6.30-9) to complete the maps and to go through routes