Saturday expedition information

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 5 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

The first groups will meet at Croston Train Station car park for 8.15am. The second groups for 8.45am

The first groups will arrive and be ready to set off at 8.30am.

The second groups will arrive at 8.45am and be ready to leave for 9am.

The groups are as follows:

8.30am 14k route Sandles

8.30am 10k route The Berge K

9.00am 14k route The Wanderers

9.00am 10k route Canadian Elites

Below are the walking groups:

The Berge K Lee Blythin
The Berge K Charlie Rothwell
The Berge K James Kellett
The Berge K Teresita Tapia-Bowes
The Berge K Lily-Joy Lancashire
The Berge K Ashleigh Willis
The Berge K Chloe Collins

Canadian Elites Harley McAteer
Canadian Elites Rachel Jones
Canadian Elites Summer Hayes
Canadian Elites Alice Molyneux
Canadian Elites Jamie Westhead
Canadian Elites James Trainor

The Wanderers Thomas Vazquez Draper
The Wanderers Matthew Grant
The Wanderers Owen Cain
The Wanderers John Pendlebury
The Wanderers Gemma Moss
The Wanderers Alice Owens

Sandles Alex Dobrowolski
Sandles Eoin O’Connor
Sandles James King
Sandles Grace Eckersley
Sandles Finlay Dunn
Sandles Caitlin Daly
Sandles Francesca Price

Sunday we aim to be at the car park at Beacon Country Park golf course between 2 – 4pm

The base contact is Sam Stockall who can be contacted on 07514544482 / 07734778455 in an emergency. Please only contact Sam not the leaders.

Check the facebook site before setting off. We will try our best to contact you with an ETA on Sunday afternoon.

We will post pictures and so on on the facebook site.