Questions a DofE participant should ask…

The times they are a-changin’.

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Answer these ten questions to help you get the right advice when buying equipment and make sure you get the kit you really need for your expedition. Remember to always get your kit checked by your DofE Expedition Supervisor.


Have I got my DofE kit list?

For expedition kit, from day one the kit list is the one thing you must not forget. Take it when you go shopping and when packing – it’s a great checklist.

What’s already in my wardrobe?

Check what kit you already have that you could use (but avoid denim and cotton items).

What can I borrow?

Ask around and see what people have and would be happy to lend, particularly small items like hats, sun cream, roll mats and water bottles.

Am I still growing?

If you are still growing then you may want to spend less as you will quickly out grow your clothing, boots and some kit.

What’s the climate like?

Find out what are the normal temperatures, particularly at night, for the time of year.

What’s the weather likely to be?

You must have waterproofs but check the forecast. Do you need dry-bags and extra waterproofing? What about sun cream/sun hat/sunglasses?

How long am I going for?

Making do with basic/alternative kit for two days is very different to three or four days. Really think about what compromises are safe and comfortable.

What else would I use the kit for?

Would you use the boots everyday walking the dog or take the rucksack on your gap year? It might be worth spending more if you’ll get that value back over time.

What’s my budget?

Think about what you can afford, what kit you have to get and remember your 15% Cotswold Outdoor discount.

Where can I get a professional boot fitting?

The range of expedition boots is vast because people’s feet are so different. If you want a boot to last make sure you get a professional fitting to buy a pair that really fits you. The DofE Recommended retailer is Cotswold Outdoor who provide a great free fitting service


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