New term, new ideas! Why don’t you pop along!

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 2 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

Summer holidays are nearly over. We hope you enjoyed your break. We are back on Wednesday 5th September and we will be making music with our new timetable of events.

Each session is from 3.15pm until 5pm ( we may extend this to 5.15pm on some nights).

Here is what we have planned!


5th – Jamming/karaoke session. 

Bring your instrument or use one of ours to make some noise!

5th – Faith in Action explained. This is a faith style award and will be run during these sessions.

More info here

12th – Great Amplify Bake-off 

We will be baking mug cakes! If you have a recipe bring it along!

19th – Movie night(evening/afternoon)

This month choices are Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, Alice through the looking glass or Secret Life of Pets. You choose (next month you make suggestions and we will try to make it happen)

Thursday 27th  – Photography & video tips. Bring your camera or just your phone and we will show you some tricks of the trade. This session, using your camera.


3rd – Mystery session. We know what will be happening but you will have to turn up to find out! It could be games, it could be a guest speaker, it could be a discussion, it could be anything!

10th – Jamming/karaoke session.  

Bring your instrument or use one of ours to make some noise!

10th -Table Tennis competition with chocolate prizes!

We need ten competitors to run this session.


See you soon!