Kit List for expeditions

You will need to have specific items for the expedition, the DOFE have the following list which you can download here, however this is confusing and if you were to purchase everything, would also be expensive.

We provide, tents, rollmats, rucksacks, trangias, maps, compasses and gas.

Here is what is required for you to provide for the expedition:

Clothing list

Necessary clothing, all year round:

  • Underwear — one pair per day.

  • Socks — extra pairs of thin socks for the evenings and one pair of walking socks for every two days of hiking.

  • Trousers — bring one pair of hiking trousers and one pair of evening trousers for Bronze and Silver (for Gold, bring a second pair of hiking trousers). Evening trousers are important so that if you get muddy and wet in the day, you have a pair of clean, dry trousers to change into. For summer expeditions, you may also want to bring one pair of shorts.

  • Tops — make sure to bring breathable T-shirts which will dry quickly, so no cotton. Bring one top for Bronze, two for Silver, and two or three for Gold.

  • Layers — one thin long-sleeve fleece and a second warmer fleece that can be layered on top of the first.

  • Hiking boots, ideally with ankle support. Make sure they are broken-in before you start the expedition.

  • Waterproof trousers and waterproof jacket.

  • Personal first aid kit, this should include blister plasters and any pain relief medicines you require such as aspirin, paracetamol or hayfever tablets.
  • Wash kit, soap, towel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste
  • Wash up kit, small bottle of washing liquid, scourer, tea towel
  • Watch, Notebook and pen

Packing a rucksack