Key points from parents meeting

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 6 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

Below are the key points discussed in tonight’s parents meeting. If you have any questions please feel free to speak to a leader or fill in the contact form here. Remember we are not running Thursday sessions now until 3rd September.



  1. The practice expedition will be taking place 25th/26th/27th September (Bronze – 26th/27th only).

  3. The qualifying expedition will be taking place 22nd/23rd/24th April 2016 (Bronze – 23rd/24th only).

  5. The start point for silver on Friday is The Corporation Arms, PR3 2YJ.

  7. The start point for bronze on Saturday is Hothersall Lodge PR3 2XB.

  9. All groups will be camping at Hothersall Lodge.

  11. The end point for all groups will be The Bonny Inn BB1 9HQ.

  13. All sections on eDofE (volunteering, physical, skill) must be marked as started before the practice expedition.

  15. These sections MUST be complete before the qualifying expedition. There is plenty of time for this! Participants will not be allowed on the qualifying expedition if there are sections outstanding which have not been discussed with a leader.

  17. Intense training starts on 3rd September for 3 weeks. This training is compulsory, if participants do not attend they will not be allowed on the practice expedition (if participants are not able to attend they must let Mike know through eDofE as soon as possible to avoid loosing their place!).

  19. We will be handing out equipment on 24th September. We are able to loan rucksacks, roll mats, tents and trangias. Details of loan process will be available closer to the expedition.

  21. There is a recommended kit list guide available here

  23. Consent forms are available on the website

  25. We will be running a live stream again, this will be available on the website where you can track progress.


And lastly… Make sure you have a great summer holiday!