Gold Qualifying Expedition 2019

Meet at St Anne’s Parish Centre for 7.30am. We will leave as soon as possible to arrive at Rydal for a 9.30am start.

The following campsites have been booked for the Gold groups. 

On Thursday they will sleep at
On Friday they will sleep at
On Saturday they will wild camp at Grisdale Tarn.

They need breakfast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Lunch for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Main meals for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

We will try to meet them to give them water as we can. We will be mostly monitoring them from afar and leaving them to it. We will never be to far away.

On Sunday, We will most likely drop them off at home but we will conform this on Sunday, otherwise it will be from St Anne’s Centre.

We will update the Facebook page and any questions please email me.

The total cost for all the training, practice, qualifying expeditions and transport is £185. Please can you arrange payment ASAP. Thanks