Gold Open Practice information for April 21st 2017

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 4 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

The gold practice expedition is fast approaching and I can now confirm the details of the weekend and for collecting your equipment.

If you are borrowing any equipment from us for the expedition then can you please come and collect it on Monday 10th April from County Hall. (Bow Lane entrance)  between 7pm and 8pm. If you can’t make it maybe one of your team mates could collect it for you. Please confirm your intention to collect kit so I know to expect you

Here is the kit list which you should follow. REMEMBER: It’s your job to pack your rucksack, not your parents!
As it is still early Spring and the evenings are still very cold, please ensure you bring warm enough clothes for camp.

The cost of the practice expedition is £60.00, which covers things such as minibus hire, camp fees, volunteer expenses, and group insurance.
You can pay on Monday 10th or Friday 21st April. (Cash or cheques payable to St Annes Church – NOT LANCASHIRE CC)


See link here to ensure you purchase the correct type!  They sell these at any outdoor shop.

On Friday 21st April we will be leaving from Tickled Trout Services off the M6 at 8.00am. If you are planning to travel up to the start Friday morning (10am) or the campsite Friday evening (those at college) yourselves, please let me know and I can provide directions.

Following the issue about being at college/ sixth form on the Friday I’m expecting those listed in BLACK to travel Friday morning. Those in RED on the list Ill presume you’re travelling up Friday evening. As staff are already up in the Lakes, you’ll have to make your own arrangements to travel. Can I suggest sharing a lift! We can obviously bring you back on the Sunday.

Please find travel directions for all participants travelling up on the evening of Friday 21st April to join the Gold Practice Expedition.

Sam and Peter, you are heading for Sykes Farm in Buttermere.

Everyone else is heading for Hollows Farm, Grange in the Borrowdale Valley

All participants need to head up the M6 to Penrith and then take A66 for Keswick.  You’ll find further directions on the attached sheet.

Directions to campsites map

Please can everyone arrive by 8pm so that you have time to pitch your tent before it goes dark.

It is unlikely that staff will have any mobile signal at camp, so we won’t be able to offer directions on the day.

You will only be officially part of the trip once a member of staff has sign you in.

Any problems contact Martyn.