Gold expedition to Arran info

The times they are a-changin’.

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All participants for the Gold qualifying expedition to Arran should be at Tickled Trout services, Preston New Road, Samlesbury, Preston, PR5 0UJ for 10am on Wednesday July 25th.

They will be dropped off at Tickled Trout early hours (between 01:00 -02:00 hrs) on Monday 30th


Here are the teams for the Gold expedition to Arran.

Team 1 – Maddy, Lara, Katie, Rachel and Sinead

Team 2 – Samantha, Hannah, Aaliyah, Ella, Kathryn, Emily

Team 3 – Lydia, Rachel, Alexander, Grace, Dylan, Daniel

Team 4 – Jak, Jack, George, Ammar, Aiden, Raff, Daniel

We have advised the participants that of the possibility of midgies on Arran. They should bring insect repellant, sunblock and also a head net. It may be worth putting in some antihistamine tablets and pain killers in their personal first aid kits.

The participants have been briefed about the use of mobile phones and will have them switched off and sealed in a bag during the expedition.

You also should be aware of fire risks given the dry weather and strategies to minimise the risks.

You all should have superlite terra nova tents to help reduce pack weight and bulk. These are expensive tents only for Gold, so please look after them.

Martyn will send all of the teams their routes cards and you will be will be asked about your knowledge of the route whilst on the ferry, so check them out.

There will be 12 staff out with the groups making sure they are safe. If you need to contact someone during the trip we will put a basecontact on here when the trip starts.