Faith in Action Award

What is the Faith in Action Award?

YOU explore scripture and teaching of the Church and translate this into action

IT rewards service

YOU reflect on this service in the light of faith

YOU’RE rewarded through four different awards:
Pin, Bronze, Silver, Gold

IT recognises the good work many young people already do.

IT challenges young people to do more to form themselves into the person God wants them to be.

IT’S an annual scheme administered through each Diocese with
a central validation programme.

Why have THIS Catholic Award Scheme?

What makes this scheme different?

Faith in Action Award Scheme allows all types of young people to grow in faith.

The award can encourage young people who question the role of faith in the modern world to see how acts of service can flow from a vibrant faith.

The award can also challenge young people to take their faith from the church and into the streets.

The award could be a step on the road to a fuller membership of the Church.

Who, what, why and how…

The scheme in more detail.

Ages (minimum ages)
The award can be started in Y7 and have all the awards spread through High School years.
Bronze (No earlier than Y7)

Silver (No earlier than Y8)

Gold (No earlier than Y10)


To evangelise

To help young people in our schools and parishes

To demonstrate Catholic ethos of a school

To grow in faith

To see the world through the eyes of faith

To have a goal for the year

To aid further study and job applications


Strengthen the link between faith and active expressions of charitable love.

Celebrate, measure and reward the part already played by young people in the life of the Church.

Allows young people to reflect upon their experience and their faith journey.

Allows young people to develop further opportunities for service and witness.

Strengthen the links between the local, diocesan and Universal Church.


Engage in acts of service and reflect on those acts of service in the light of the teaching of the Church.

The award level is based on the type and amount of work/service performed.

Examples of work in a school:

Involvement in Mass/Collective Worship


Engagement with school chaplaincy

Examples of work in a parish:

Reading, Serving, Ministering at Mass

Assisting at a coffee morning or after mass

Children’s Liturgy

Examples of work outside a parish:
Charity fundraiser

Lourdes Pilgrimage

Visiting a care home


Each participant must complete four reflection points.

These are led by an adult helper.

They can be done individually or combined into one full day retreat.

The Reflection points are:

1. We love because we are loved.

2. Loving our neighbour is loving Jesus.

3. Our active love builds the Kingdom of God.

4. Servant Leadership; a life lived, not an example given.

Participants will be asked to complete a journal.

The journal is not assessed but is a way of assisting ideas for the final piece and to show evidence of growth through the year.

Each participant must also complete a ‘final piece’.

It must show some engagement with the work done and the reflection points.

The final piece is not something to be worried about.

The final piece is to help reflect on the work done and is not a ‘final exam’.

It can take any form.
E.g. A short video, an essay, a collage, a dance, a drama.

How long does it take to complete the award?

In school, it is recommended that the programme should commence around September and finish the following May/June

Suggested Award Scheme Timeline

Project work and Reflection Points

Final pieces of work submitted to awarding authority

Moderation of submissions

Diocesan Awards Ceremony

If you wish to take part in the Faith in Action Award, then registration closes at October half-term each year.

Contact Mike Price or Clare Guidi for further information.