Expedition presentations and eDofE maps

The times they are a-changin’.

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Couple of quick reminders…


Expedition Presentations

Expedition presentation evening is this Thursday (30th April). You will be presenting to 2 of the leaders who were out over the weekend with you. We will be looking to ensure your presentation matches your groups aim.



Make sure you add your route maps to your eDofE account. You can import the gpx files of your route using the files below (right click then save as for each file you need).


Ramsbottom to Broklehead

Broklehead to Bibby’s

Boat Yard to Bibby’s

Astley Street to Bibby’s

Bibby’s to Curleys (via Horden Stoops)

Bibby’s to Curleys (via Anglezarke)

These need to be submitted to the leader that was assessing you (ie Mike/Sam/Jess).