The Bronze D of E Award starts when you are at least year nine. To complete the award you need to carry out four sections; Skill, volunteer, and physical.  If you finish these three sections you will then be invited to complete the final section which is the expedition.

  • Skills involve learning a new skill such as chess, fishing, learning a musical instrument. A full list of possible activities is available here.
  • Physical involves taking part in sport or dance.  A full list of possible activities is available here.
  • Volunteer involves getting involved in helping in the community.  This could involve helping in a charity shop, maintaining local footpaths, helping with rainbows or beavers.  It is important that you do not volunteer for a company where you would replace a worker.  A full list of possible activities is available here.

The time you need to do in each section is shown below.

Bronze Timescale

The expedition for Bronze is the final part of the award.  CotswoldsA practise expedition takes place in the local area a few months before the real expedition takes place.To take part in the expedition you must have completed all of the other sections of the award.

When you have handed in your form and cheque, the payment will be sent to the Local Authority. You will then be emailed a user name and password. This is your log into eDofE.  Click on the web link right to log in.  For help to start on eDofE look here.

When you first log in you need to complete the personal information then you can get started on your D of E.  You need to set objectives for the skill, volunteer and physical and submit it for a leader to approve.  Once approved you can start your activity.

If you have already been doing one of the activities you may backdate it.  For example if you play in the school rugby team you can use this for your physical and back date.  The eDofE website will guide you how far back you can start the activity.

Download the enrolment form here dofe_enrolment_form_participant

Any questions email Mike Price by filling in the form below.

To complete a section you need to upload evidence onto eDofE.  This can be photographs and a document signed by your supervisor (this can be the keeping track book) to show that you have completed the sections.