Bronze Award 2020

This page is for those participation in the Bronze DofE in 2020

The cost of taking part is £250, which we need by end of January 2020. We can take three cheques and pay them in month by month. The payment covers registration on to the Edofe, a day training walk, both expeditions and all training.


The dates for the expeditions are:

Bronze navigation day 15th March 2020

Bronze practice 4th April – 5th April 2020
Bronze qualifier 2nd May – 3rd May 2020

The practice is a chance to try out navigating, camping, carrying the equipment and gaining confidence. The qualifying is unaccompanied and assessed by trained leaders. Adults are on hand and monitor them, they are never in danger.

If you wish to contact Mike, email him at [email protected]

Training information below

Here are some useful links and downloads which will help you in your Bronze Expedition.


There are lots of useful videos on this website

Here is a video on how to use the EDOFE mapping tool

First Aid

First Aid is an important part of the expedition training. Here is a list of what items should be in YOUR personal first aid kit

Here is a basic video which should act as a reminder

A useful place for more in-depth refresher videos are the following YouTube channels

This is an example of an aim and also worth watching for some tips and advice