Bronze qualifying expedition information

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 3 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

The start point for all groups is The Boatyard Inn, Bolton Rd, Preston PR5 0SP. The pub is burnt down and we will hopefully be using the canal carpark as drop off. Look for a LCC minibus.

If the pub is unsafe and we cannot park there, there is a laybe just off junction 3 of M65. If you see me and the LCC minibus, park up.

I will be taking Group one for St Anne’s Paris centre at 7.50am on Saturday.

They will be walking unsupervised but we will be monitoring them. They can bring a mobile phone but it must not be used. If it is not the phone we are using as their group phone, the. It stays turned off. Parents please do not call your young people, if you have any concerns or news pleas contact Mike on 07776498045 or 07748621533. If your young person calls you, please do not answer it. They will be told to only call Mike or a leader involved in the expedition.

They will be staying overnight at Bibby’s Farm scout campsite, please do. It turn up to say hello or drop items off.

Sunday they will be aiming to leave early but it is up to them to get themselves sorted. I will be hopefully bringing the final group back to St Anne’s, we will text your mobile and place info on Facebook around midday on Sunday.

If you are required to collect you young person, the address is Curleys Fishery, Wallsuches, Horwich, BL6 6PP. Please only park in the cafe carpark if you are going to use the cafe as there is limited parking. You will be called at the final checkpoint which is approx 45mins away from Curleys.

Food requirements:


Breakfast at home before leaving

Packed lunch

Evening meal


Breakfast including something warm to eat or drink

Packed lunch

Weather forecasts are looking good, but plan for rain.

They can have money to purchase food, ice creams etc at Curleys BUT not until we have finished the final briefing. Please ignore your young people until the asessors have finished with them, that way you learn if they have passed.

As usual, I will try to add photos on our Facebook page