Bronze Practice rescheduled for March 24-25th 2018 – Infomation

The times they are a-changin’.

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Bronze practice has been rescheduled for Saturday March 24th 2018 to Sunday 25th 2018.
Starting at Croston train station (PR26 9HZ) and finishing at the carpark near to Ashurst Beacon. (see picture below).
We are staying at Charity Farm campsite. You should not contact your young person during the visit but if you need to speak to someone during the visit please contact Mike on 07748621533. This phone will be on 24/7 till the visit ends.
The plan is as follows:
Group One arrive at 8.15am, quick kit check and they should be gone by 8.30am
Group Two arrive at 8.30am, quick kit check and they should be gone by 8.45am.
Group Three arrive at 8.45am, quick kit check and they should be gone by 9.00am.
Group four arrive at 9.00am, quick kit check and they shouuld be gone by 9.15am.
Group One and three will be walking route one and Group Two and Four will be walking route two.
Could all parents please drop their young people off and leave to allow other parents to arrive and drop off. We do not have permission for more than two cars. Also not having to make small talk with you lovely parents mean we can deal with the young people and makes things easier.
Remember that they need a packed lunch for Saturday and Sunday. They need a meal for Saturday night and something for breakfast on Sunday morning.
They are not allowed to bring knives, other a normal cutlery knife. Anyone found with a knife will sent home.
They need a personal first aid kit
They also need emergency rations
Finally they need to bring some spare clothes, waterproof clothing, walking boots, spare underwear, socks, torch, matches/lighter, wash kit, washing up kit, sleeping bag, hat, scarf, gloves, water (no more than one litre) and they can bring snacks.
We can supply rucksacks, roll mats, tents and trangias (cooking kit). They will either be in a two or three person tent. Each tent gets a trangia.
Please make sure that they have a good breakfast before they leave on Saturday morning.
We will update during the weekend on Facebook and you will get a message on Sunday with an ETA.
Now we just need the weather to be good for the weekend.

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  1. Claire Williams // 19th March 2018 at 10:04 pm //

    Hi Mike
    Are you still doing the expedition on 7th and 8th April or has that been pushed back? If so, when will the qualifying expedition take place? – hoping it isn’t May half term as we will be away.
    Claire Williams

    • Mike Price // 20th March 2018 at 9:48 pm //

      Hi Claire, we have had to move this date due to no qualified staff bein* available. All updated info on website thanks

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