Bronze Expedition information May 18/19th 2019

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All the young people should now be ready for their expedition on the weekend of May 18/19th 2019. They have been given all the equipment they require, but we will check again on Saturday morning.

They are all walking the same route and will be starting from The Boat Yard, Riley Green, Bolton Rd, Preston PR5 0SP.,-2.5706696,3a,75y,33.35h,88.49t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sgAHt3ZfqednkgqMT9QHhhg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!5m1!1e2

Each group has been allocated a start time, please make sure that you leave enough time to arrive before their start time.

Please can we ask that parents/guardians drop their child off and leave as soon as possible as it is a private car park and we cannot have too many cars parked up.

They only need 1 litre of water max.

Group 1 – Girls group

Arrive at Riley Green for 8.15am

Leave Riley Green at 8.30am

Group 2 – Liam, Joseph, Michael, Will, Charlie, Robert

Arrive at Riley Green for 9.10am

Leave Riley Green at 9.30am

Group 3 – James, Patrick, Josh, James, Joseph

Arrive at Riley Green for 8.40am

Leave Riley Green at 9.00am

The weather is set to be okay on Saturday and similar on Sunday. Please make sure all items in the rucksacks are wrapped in bags to keep dry and warm.

We will be staying at Bibby’s Farm campsite overnight and there will be a member of staff staying over.

Sunday they will be walking from Bibby’s Farm to Curley’s Dining Room/Fishery, Wallsuches, Horwich, Bolton, BL6 6PP

Curley’s has a carpark but please only park there if using the facilities, there is parking available outside on the road.

We expect them to finish between 3-4.30pm but we will get them to call when they are about an hour away from the finishing point to let you know a precise time.

As this is a qualifying expedition, the groups will need to have a chat with the assessor at the end, so if you see them sitting down and chatting with someone, please leave them be. This is important as they find out if they have passed the walking part of the expedition.

All equipment will be taken back on Sunday, so please don’t rush off with any young people until we have taken tents, trangias and rucksacks.

Mobile phone policy is quite simple. They do not need a phone! They will have a group phone and will be able to contact the leaders on this. There is no insurance for phones, so if it is broken or water damaged, then we cannot be liable. They are not to use any phones during the weekend to make or receive calls. They should not access social media or give out any details of routes etc during the weekend. This is for safety and part of our policy. Phones should be turned off in rucksacks and if being used as a camera should be set to airplane mode.

Here are pdf’s of the routes

Bronze Day 1 Q Route

Bronze Day 2 Q Route

Here are the maps

Any problems email Mike [email protected]