Amplify Youth Group GDPR Policy

1st October, 2018


The General Data Protection Regulation knows as GDPR, is a positive step towards you having more control over how your data is used and how you’re contacted.  The changes will also help to better protect your personal data.

The information below allows you to be fully informed as to how we are using the data you have provided us with.

Amplify Youth Group is the Data Controller and is responsible for collecting and processing data.


  • What information is being collected?


Amplify Youth Group will keep a record of all the information you have supplied on your Application Form.


  • Who is collecting is?


Amplify Youth Group is administered through Youth Ministry of St Anne’s Church, Ormskirk.


  • How is it collected?


The information is collected through your own Amplify Registration, Duke of Edinburgh application form and other information you provide us with on events/consent forms.


  • Why is it being collected?


The information you provided is being used for the administration of Amplify Youth Group. It is considered the legitimate interest of the organisation and is necessary for compliance.


  • How will it be used?


The information will be used to communicate with members regarding events and external outings and for other necessary communications regarding participation in events.


  • Who will it be shared with?


To comply with the Legal obligations Amplify Youth Group, will share your name and date of birth and relevant contact with the nominated Youth Ministry Leaders.  To comply with a legitimate interest of the Amplify Youth Group, all your information from your application form will be shared with event Youth Leader.


  • How long will my data be stored for?


Your information will be kept from the moment your application form is received until you leave the Amplify Youth group.

Duke of Edinburgh Forms will be kept for a period not exceeding 12 months from the date of expedition. In certain circumstances, data may be kept for legal or safeguarding reasons.  If this is the case, the individual will be made aware.

Your details will only ever be used by the Amplify Youth Group administered by the Youth Ministry of St Anne’s Church, Ormskirk for the legitimate interest of the governance of the Youth Ministry.

Your details will not be given to other organisations for their own purposes.

You are free to withdraw consent to your information being held at any time, please contact Amplify Youth Group on the contact details below.

Mike Price, Youth Minister


[email protected]

St Anne’s Church

Prescot Road


L39 4TG